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Trainings and Resources Will Be Added Periodically. Remember you have TWO WAYS to make money... Sharing the OMF opportunity and the Corona Safe Business Directory. Have fun!


There is a FAST START (below) and further down ALL OTHER RESOURCES are categorized on your Member Dashboard. Explore and profit!


Bookmark this page -AND- Save your login info and your affiliate links so they are handy.

  • Watch the "One Minute Formula" OMF Opportunity Video -AND- Study the PDF Slides. Take notes! This video was created for people to watch if they are looking for a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.

    Also, watch or re-watch the 15 minute "Job/Gig-Work Interview" video which was create to introduce CSB to job seekers. Take Notes!

    You may share either of these videos with others using your Zaxaa sharable links, however we recommend the shorter 15 minute video as best.

  • Get your Zaxxa affiliate links. Your OMF link is for sharing the "OMF Opportunity Video" with people needing work -AND- your CSB Directory link is shared w/businesses.

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  • Start FIRST by sharing the "15 Minute Opportunity Interview" video with friends, connections and through social sharing. This will be your fastest path to making money QUICKLY because so many people are out of work or sheltering at-home. Check-out our Ideas, scripts and resources for sharing the OMF opportunity.
  • Many members find that investing 2 or 3 weeks with a focus on sharing THE OPPORTUNITY gets the money flowing -THEN- they shift their focus to sharing the CSB Directory with Business owners. In the end, you can do one or the other, or both. Why not! However, if you have connections to business owners, you really need to get help to them fast, so don't hesitate.
  • Remember: KEEP IT SIMPLE. It really does take only a minute to do this. Don't "over-think" it. Don't waste time trying to find the "Catch." You are going to get "NO THANK YOUS" - but every time you get a NO, you're one minute closer to a "YES, SIGN ME UP!"... If there is ONE SECRET TO SUCCESS, it is do a little every day, be consistent. It works, if YOU work. Have fun, attend our trainings, and stay safe!
  • BONUS STEP: Share your affiliate link with at least 3 people within the next 24 hours. If you cannot do this, you may as well request a refund now. The program will NOT work if you keep your sharable links secret!


WELCOME reader

Welcome to your private “One Minute Formula” member area. As an agent promoting the “Corona Safe Business Directory,” you’ll find trainings, materials and resources here. Content will grow over time as trainings are recorded, however it is our goal to keep things VERY simple.  More is not always better!


There are TWO things you may promote:

    • OMF “The One Minutes Formula” Opportunity
    • CSB “The Corona Safe Business Directory”

It is recommended you devote 5 to 10 days upfront sharing the OMF opportunity with friends and connections before you shift to introducing CSB to business owners. You should then focus 5 to 10 days exclusively sharing CSB with businesses in your local area (if possible) or you may reach out to businesses in any local (USA only for now).

You can then decide which works best for you or perhaps a blend of promoting and sharing both is best.

Good Luck!